Nursery (Ages 0-2)

During each service our nursery is available to care for infants and toddlers up to age 3. We have volunteer staff members who give of their time to lovingly care for our little ones.

Children's Ministry (Ages 3-5th Graders)

During each service we offer exciting children’s ministry for all ages.   In order to maximize our ministry time classes are divided into specific age groups: 3 years of age through kindergarten age students, and 1st-5th graders. Teaching the next generation the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to share that with others in our surrounding community is the heart of this ministry.

Youth Ministry (Middle & High School)

Our desire is to introduce middle and high school students to Christ, and to help them grow that relationship. We build our foundation on God’s Word, and the principles of loving God and loving each other.

We have opportunities for students to connect with each other in Wednesday night meetings, lock-ins, special outings, and at summer camp. This enables our youth to make friends and establish support systems that will help them continue their walk with Christ.

Our prayer is that we will not only be a difference to your children and kids from the community, but that they would also become a difference in others.

Praise & Worship Ministry

We believe that Praise & Worship is a vital part of our services. Our passion is to lead people into the presence of God where their hearts and minds are prepared to allow the Word of God to transform their lives.